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I just received the judge’s commentary notes from my entry of The View from Casa Chepitos in the Writer’s Digest ebook awards.

The author’s writing is easy to read and poetic, without being overwrought by adjectives and pathos. The author’s openness and honesty about her life draw readers in. It feels more like a later-in-life coming-of-age than any sort of more mid-life change, it’s hopeful, optimistic, and a bit idealistic rather than bitter and erratic. The book develops the author and those around her as full-fledged characters and does an excellent job crafting scenery and culture. The author clearly has the readers’ enjoyment at heart in the telling of this story, rather than just being fueled by her own need to get her life on the page. The ending has an open warm feeling that gently shoves readers back into their own lives with new, better perspective.

– Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards


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